Rocking the past: Exploring fossils and Geology

Sharing my research and general passion for paleontology with the broader community is one of the highlights of my career. Since moving to Missouri, I have made every effort to engage with audiences of all ages and backgrounds, from my initial start with Science on Wheels visiting rural communities to my work as a MU Engagement Scholar

Getting to touch and examine real fossils is always fun! I have a number of kits and activities suitable for K-12 students that can make this happen, so feel free to reach out to me if you are in the Columbia area. 

Outreach Activities


Outreach & Coordinator MU Geology Department, Annual Columbia Young Scientists Expo: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. 2020, 2023   

Outreach Evening of the Arts: Paleoart; Grant Elementary Columbia, MO. April 2023 

Outreach – Interview with Vox magazine. Feb 2023   

Coordinator – Thomas Hart Benton Elementary School. Nov 2022 

Guest speaker Zoom with a Scientist; Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. March 2022

Instructor School's Out COMO Day Camp, Columbia, MO. Feb 2022

Outreach – Ashland Cub Scout Group. July 2021

Outreach – Boone County STEM Day Camp. July 2021

Outreach – 2nd Annual Columbia Young Scientists Expo: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. Jan 2020

Outreach – Health and Engagement Fair, in conjunction with the MU Extension Summit and first annual UM System Engagement Week: University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, Oct 2019.           

Outreach – IGNITES summer camp; University of Missouri, Columbia, MO,  July 2019

Outreach – Science on Wheels (SoW); various counties across Missouri,  Feb 2018 – 2019

Outreach – STEM Expo; Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO,  Nov 2018

Outreach – Building soil profiles with clay; Locust Street Expressive Arts Elementary School, Columbia, MO, Oct 2018

Outreach – Dinosaurs to Cavemen; Rock Bridge High School, Columbia, MO, June 2018

Macquarie University

Outreach – Geology and Environment Outreach Event; South Callaway Elementary, MO, April 2018

Research Instructor – Reef Evolution and Dynamics [field course], Abbotsleigh School, Heron Island Research Station, Qld, AUS, Oct 2017

Volunteer – Australian Museum Science Festival (AMSF); Australian Museum, Sydney, AUS, Aug 2016

Outreach – Introduction to the Cambrian Explosion; Newington College, Sydney, AUS, May 2016

Outreach – Macquarie Science Experience 2015; National Indigenous Science Education Program (NISEP), Sydney, AUS, Jan 2015

Volunteer – Macquarie University Open Day (Palaeobiology Laboratory); Department of Biological Sciences, Macquarie University, Sydney, AUS, 2011 – 2016